The Many faces of Enduramaxx: Tanks For Water & Chemicals

The many faces of Enduramaxx, Tucked away in rural south Lincolnshire near to its border with Rutland and Cambridgeshire is one of the largest polymer tank manufacturers within the United Kingdom.

This highly successful family run business produces a huge range of vertical and horizontal tanks, using the latest in one piece rotational moulding technology, with sizes from 150 litres up to 30,000 litres. Enduratank, part of the Enduramaxx Family, designs and produces tanks for use across a wide range of sectors including the agricultural, commercial, industrial, leisure and domestic markets. In other words, whether you want to collect rainwater for your garden, set up a micro-brewery, open a chemical plant, store liquid fertilisers on your farm or transport and store potable water to a large music festival, Enduratank will have a tank to suit your specific needs.

Water management is a key area in which businesses can reap the rewards of rainwater harvesting, thereby significantly reducing both their mains water consumption and environmental footprint. Collecting and storing water allows it to be used for numerous purposes from toilet flushing to wash-down of facilities and vehicles or quarrying to animal feeding and agricultural spraying. With a selection of more than sixty horizontal, vertical and transport tanks available specifically designed for the storage and transportation of rainwater, it would be difficult to imagine a wider choice anywhere.

There is often a need during industrial processing, for liquids to be either stored or treated in Conical Bottomed tanks, otherwise known as Cone Tanks, which allow for the full drainage of tank contents for quality control and the elimination of particulate. Widely used in the food industry, the chemical sector, water treatment plants and for those operations requiring mixing, blending, clarification and sludge removal; Enduratank is able to offer a wide range of sixty-two Cone Tanks and Open Top Cone Tanks. These Cone Tanks are available in capacities from 250 litres up to 30,000 litres, with 6 different cone angles manufactured in medium density polyethylene (MDPE). A further ten cone tanks are produced in durable Cross Link Polymer (XLPE).

Cone tanks in use

In addition to our wide selection of Cone Tanks, one of The many faces of Enduramaxx is the specialised tanks for use elsewhere within the chemical and industrial sectors including Dosing Tanks, Batch Tanks, Insulated Tanks, Bunded Tanks (open and closed top) and Industrial Storage Tanks for liquids up to a specific gravity of 2.0sg.

Industrial Tanks

The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) in company with Scottish Water Byelaws set the standards for the safe carriage and storage of potable (drinking) water and their approval is the easiest way to demonstrate compliance with the regulations. Enduratank design and manufacture a large number of both horizontal and vertical storage tanks and transport tanks which are WRAS approved and are ideal for events and locations where mains drinking water is not available.

Horizontal storage tank

The farming industry is often reliant on being able to store water and other liquids on site for immediate use as and where necessary and our comprehensive range of Liquid Fertiliser Tanks, Molasses Tanks, Horizontal Static Tanks, Applicator Tanks, Horizontal Sump Tanks and Rainwater Harvesting Tanks, fulfils this essential requirement.

The transportation of liquids by road is an everyday occurrence and Enduratank’s Horizontal Transport and Sump Tanks are ideal for securing to a flatbed truck or trailer with capacities of 500 litres rising to 13,000 litres for the transport tank and 500 litres to 8,000 litres for the sump tank. Smaller capacity tanks are available for pickup trucks and vans.

Horizontal Transport Tank

Nowadays window cleaners, mobile dog groomers, catering vans and other businesses need to be able to carry either potable or non-potable water with them in the back of a van or bed of a pick-up truck and with capacities of 200, 300 and 400 litres our Pin Mount Tanks are ideally suited.

Pin Mount Tank

For the carriage of larger quantities of liquids where the use of a lorry or trailer is not feasible or practical and where storage space within a particular vehicle may be a concern, the Baffled Slimline Tank comes in four capacities from 400 litres up to 1,000 litres arranged in three options of Upright, Flat or Horizontal. Again, this is ideal for window cleaners, mobile car valeters and those requiring on-site water where mains water may not always be available or an option.

Where space is restricted Enduratank’s Slimline Vertical Tank of either 500 or 1,000 litres is ideal and suitable for use throughout the farming, commercial, horticultural, domestic, industrial and irrigation markets.

In total, Enduramaxx manufactures over 485 different basic tank products, many of which are available in a number of colours with outlet and lid options.

The many faces of Enduramaxx – Whatever your business and whatever your needs, if you require expert guidance or an on-site visit to discuss how we can help, please call a member of our sales team on 0800 840 4030.

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