What Water Tanks Trailer Are Available? Mounted, Trailer Mounted

Water tank trailer or cartage water tanks are used for transporting water on the road, around site or on-farm.  Trailer tanks are available from 200 litres to 13000 litres for mounting on trailers and are generally either available as skid or demount tanks or as trailed tanks on a road or site tow chassis.

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Water tank trailer come in the following versions;

WRAS Approved Trailer Tanks

These tanks are often used as water tanks and bowsers for events, water tanker hire and dust suppression units.  The horizontal plastic tanks are WRAS approved for the storage of drinking water (black, boat blue or natural coloured tanks).

These plastic WRAS and DWI approved trailer tanks meet the specific requirements of Regulation 31. Regulation 31 ensures that water suppliers, when producing and distributing drinking water, only use products and substances that do not cause any detrimental effects on the safety or quality of the drinking water.

Trailer Tanks For Fertiliser

These horizontal tanks are designed for the transportation of liquid fertiliser for farmers as well as water. The tanks can take liquids up to 1.5 SG and designed to mount onto straight to flat surfaces using the pin mounting system.   When used as sprayer tanks or water bowsers for agricultural sprayers, we can supply with a sprayer Camlock fitting to suit quick connection your sprayer for filling.  The optional Ball Baffle System guarantees fluid stability for safer operation, reducing fuel usage and mechanical wear & tear. View our Trailer Tank Range here

Road Tow Water Bowser Trailers

Highway Tow Bowsers have been built to meet the highway regulations and fitted with lights, indicators, and an electrical connection similar to other highway going trailers.  These road tow water bowsers can be pre-filled prior to travel and towed to events, festivals, or sites where clean water and/or drinking water is required.  View our highway tow bowsers here.

Site Tow Water Bowser Trailers

Water bowsers for sites are used for site applications for water, dust suppression, plant watering and pressure washing.  These are built for site use and with a galvanised frame for many years of use, a pump mounting plate for the fitting of pumps, watering pumps for large gardens, hanging baskets, as well as pressure washers.  View our site tow bowsers here.

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