Translucent Tanks For Chemical Storage

Translucent tanks for chemical storage provide a quick and easy way to visualise the level inside your chemical storage tank. Enduramaxx’s translucent polymer allows the level of liquid inside the tank to be seen without the need for a separate level indicator.  We offer chemical storage tanks from 50 litres to 30,000 litres for both storages of chemicals which are also suited and modified for process applications, effluent water treatment or staging processes.

Our range of translucent tanks for chemical storage is rotationally moulded in UV stabilised MDPE to offer chemical resistance to a large range of commonly used process chemicals. These tanks are also available in polypropylene for many acids and higher temperature applications.  If you’re unsure if your chemical or process is compatible with Medium Density Polyethylene then please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can check the compatibility.

Our range of chemical storage tanks is all manufactured with the process, water treatment and effluent treatment applications in mind. Mounting equipment on chemical storage tanks means that these can be fitted to your requirements and our tanks are manufactured with hoisting or lifting points to enable the tanks to be safely lifting and deposited into place using lifting equipment.  The tanks themselves are designed to accommodate pipework and fittings including inlets and outlets with flanged fittings, union fittings or threaded fittings as required.

We can also manufacture each size of the tank with an increased wall thickness to ensure that they are suitable for use with solutions with an SG up to 2.0 – making them ideal for treatment tanks and effluent treatment tanks.  Working closely with major chemical suppliers ensures our customers can be confident that Enduramaxx storage tanks meet safety and environmental recommendations.   For more details and for pricing for these tanks please get in touch today.

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