Water Tanks Are Not Suitable or Certified For Chemical Storage

A specific chemical requires a specific storage solution and plastic water tanks are not suitable for chemical storage.

Storing chemicals and storing water are two very different propositions. While you may think you are saving money by using a water tank for your project, there are a few critical reasons why you shouldn’t use water tanks for chemical storage.  Importantly, if a tank is used, that is not specified for the chemical, it can break down, leak, or even fail catastrophically with cost, legal and environmental consequences.

Factors to consider

It’s best to start with the chemical that is going to be stored and design the tank for this chemical.  Enduramaxx tanks serve a variety of purposes and the tank needs to be strong and non-reactive with the chemicals it contains.

Therefore, when selecting a storage tank for a specific chemical, it’s essential to consider various factors such as the specific gravity of the chemical, the chemical composition, storage temperature, pressure, potential interactions between the chemical and the tank material as well as the type of fixtures and fittings required.

Taking all these factors into consideration, the knowledgeable team at Enduramaxx also consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), to advise on the best tank solution for your project.

Specific Gravity Rating

Knowing the specific gravity (SG) of a liquid is important for industries that deal with fluids. Water tanks are designed with a specific gravity rating of 1.0 SG i.e. they are made to handle and contain the weight of water.  Chemicals with a fluid specific gravity greater than 1.0 require a thicker walled tank, built to handle that type of chemical.   Enduramaxx manufactures tanks to hold chemicals up to 2.0 SG rating.  Liquid fertiliser tanks have a specific gravity rating of 1.5 SG.

Specific gravity is a measure of a substance's density compared to the density of a reference substance, usually water for liquids. It provides valuable information about the characteristics and behavior of the liquid. In essence, specific gravity provides critical information about how a liquid interacts with its environment and other substances. Its applications are diverse, ranging from fundamental scientific research to practical engineering applications, making it an essential parameter to consider in various fields - such as tank storage solutions.

Plastic Water Tanks Are Not Certified For Chemical Storage

We know that some companies sell tanks for potable water and lead customers to believe they are also certified for chemical storage. It is important to note that potable water tanks are regulated and approved by WRAS and are solely designed for water. WRAS regulations are based on the leaching of foreign materials into the water and other testing.  Because a tank is WRAS certified for potable water does not make it suitable for chemical storage. 

Enduramaxx strongly recommend that you always prioritize safety and adhere to HSE advice  when selecting storage solutions for chemicals.

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