What is Demineralised Water Used For & How Is It Stored?

Demineralised water has many uses but requires special tanks to store it safely since it can be very aggressive towards metal containers. Here we look at exactly what it is, where it is used and how to store it safely.

Demineralised water (also known as Demin or demi) is water that has its minerals removed. It may still contain organic impurities like bacteria and viruses, and further treatment may be needed to remove them if necessary. But here is a list of metals that are removed:

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Chlorides
  • Nitrates
  • Sulphates
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Fluoride

This results in very soft water that has a very low conductivity – less than 2mS/m.

The Demin water is also very quick to pick up minerals wherever it can – so it is very aggressive towards metal containers and pipes.

What is demineralised water used for?

The pharmaceutical industry and food industries both use demineralised water for some of their processes. Other applications include:

  • Laboratory tests and cleaning of laboratory equipment
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Boiler feeds
  • Power plants, refineries, and petroleum companies

In fact, where very pure water and low conductivity is required, then demineralised water can be used.

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What pharmaceutical uses does demin water have?

Demin water has many uses in pharmaceutical used as raw material and an ingredient as it helps to control the quality and safety of ingredients.  These ingredients include reagents, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and active pharmaceutical intermediates.

Also, because of its purity it can be used to carry out laboratory processes for buffer solution as it will not leave behind unwanted residue maintaining the integrity of the experiments and final products produced.

Is demineralised water good to drink?

Not really! It lacks beneficial minerals such as calcium for our bones and fluoride for our teeth. It tastes horrible and it can pick up harmful metal from any pipes or tanks it might have met.

How is demineralised water stored?

Enduramaxx tanks are made from the highest-grade plastic material, so they are ideal for storing demineralised water. Our tanks are rotationally moulded so there are no seams or joints. They are tough and long-lasting and can withstand prolonged outdoor or indoor use.

We can offer tanks ranging from 150 litres to 30,000 litres. They are fitted with flanges, BSP sockets and overflow pipework.

You can see our range of storage tanks for demineralised water here but do give us a ring on 01778 562810 to discuss your requirements with our experts. We can design tanks to suit your specific needs.

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