Why Buy Your Chemical Storage Products Through Enduramaxx?

A wide range of sectors around the UK have a need to store potentially harmful chemicals safely on site. Being able to do this is essential to keep the public and any workers safe. It also stops the chemicals from leaking into the surrounding environment. The best way to look after dangerous chemicals safely is with a chemical storage tank. At Enduramaxx, we produce these kinds of tanks to order online.

But why should you buy from us?

UK’s Leading Supplier Of Chemical Storage Products

To begin with, we are the leading supplier of chemical storage products in the UK. Over the years, our commitment to outstanding customer service, great value prices and top-quality products has enabled us to build this reputation. As a customer, this means you can rely on us to not only sell products for chemical storage which you can count on but also ones that offer secure storage. We also hold IS0 9001, WRAS, DWI and UKAS accreditation for total peace of mind when buying.

Latest Technology and Moulding

In addition to our industry-leading reputation, the cutting-edge design of our chemical storage tanks is another reason to choose Enduramaxx. We have an in-house team of qualified CAD engineers and fabrication staff who use the latest innovations in storage tank production. This includes the latest UV stabilisation tech and innovative rotational moulding methods. By using these high-end methods, we can ensure our chemical storage products are strong, secure and suitable for the task at hand. It also enables us to offer custom storage solutions for more complex projects.

All Storage Tanks Made From High-Grade Materials

Storing chemicals is a serious business and something that you cannot take any chances with. We understand this and only use the highest-grade materials in our tanks. By doing this, we ensure that our tanks are able to handle the chemicals stored inside, without any undue degradation. All our storage tanks are made from top-end polyethylene, chosen especially for its exceptional quality, stability and durability.

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Able To Store A Large Range Of Chemicals

From sodium hydroxide and more, there are lots of different chemicals that may need storing somewhere safe. The chemical tanks we manufacture are able to hold a wide range of chemicals like this. This means it is easy and quick to find a storage tank that is right for the job. You are sure to find the ideal storage solution with the wide choice of solutions we offer online.

Chemical Storage Tanks With Enduramaxx

With a wide selection of top-quality storage tanks at great value prices, we are the people to trust. You can also rely on our tanks to store your chemicals safely and last for a long time. Order online with us today or contact us at enquiries@enduramaxx.co.uk for more details.

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