5 Key Advantages of Underground Water Tanks

Water availability is becoming a growing concern, even in areas where drought and water shortages have not been a problem in the past. This situation is helping raise awareness about the importance of finding alternative ways to store water.

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If your business supplies water treatment or harvesting equipment for residential or commercial clients, you may want to consider the advantages of stocking underground water holding tanks. Let’s look at the 5 top benefits of these water storage solutions.

1) They Help In Emergency Preparedness

We can’t predict when emergencies will happen but being prepared can definitely make a difference in how emergencies are handled and the final outcome. Having an underground water tank is an excellent emergency preparedness measure. With these tanks in place, emergency services (such as firefighters) have access to a water supply even in areas not directly connected to the water mains – e.g. many construction sites and remote farms. 

2) They Have Multiple Uses 

Underground water tanks are highly versatile and well-suited to different settings. For example, they are commonly used in agricultural premises that need a reliable source of water for irrigation purposes. In this case, tubes can be connected to bring water from the tank up to the surface to be irrigated.

Another common use is in horticultural businesses that require non-potable water storage for gardening and landscaping, either as the main source or as a backup. 

3) Increased Safety

Because they’re underground and out of sight, underground tanks are not at risk of being vandalised or accidentally damaged, as overground tanks could be. Overall safety levels increase if you choose an underground non-reactive plastic or polymer water tank, as opposed to a carbon steel tank, as there is no risk of water being contaminated by rust or corrosion.

4) They Suit Locations With Limited Space

Tanks can hold tens of thousands of litres of water, so they’re obviously large items that require ample space. In some cases, there isn’t enough space for an installation above ground. However, underground space is often vastly under-used, so an underground tank can help maximise the space available in virtually every setting, from driveways to car parks.

5) They’re Environmentally Friendly

Underground storage tanks don’t just guarantee a steady water supply for users; they can also be used to set up more efficient and environmentally friendly water collection systems, such as rainwater harvesting. 

For commercial and residential customers looking for a solution that minimises human impact on the environment, an underground water collection tank is a good option. Users can install multiple tanks in place within a single treatment and collection system, with the option to integrate each tank with a wider network of water treatment, filtration, and distribution systems to suit a range of applications.

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Enduramaxx water tanks are proudly made in Britain and created with materials that make them safe and durable. To find out more, please visit our website product pages, where you’ll find our tank maintenance guide and information about our full selection of water tanks.

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