4 Factors For Configuring Your Fluid Mixer

4 Factors for Configuring Your Fluid Mixer, if you’re in an industry that includes fluid mixing in its processes, you probably know that finding the right fluid mixer for your needs is critical to maintaining quality control, reducing costs, and optimising efficiency.  The key here to engineering a fluid mixer that addresses the specific needs of your process should take into consideration the following 4 factors; 

Factor #1 – Tank Type & Volume – This determines the amount of fluid the tank can hold and the volume are you looking to mix.  This is important because it will determine the size and position of the fluid mixer and its mounting.  Other considerations include mixer baffles and frames.

Factor #2 – Viscosity Of The Liquid – This is “thickness” or “internal friction” of the liquid you are going to be mixing your fluid. It’s important because it will determine the impeller and motor requirements.

Factor #3 – Specific Gravity – This is the density of the solid in comparison to water. It’s important because it will determine the type of pumping action that is required to adequately mix your fluid.

Factor #4 – Environment & Process  – This is the setting where your mixing will take place. It’s important because it can determine the type of power source and finishes.

Engineering the Solution

  1. Motor with suitable motor and energy source
  2. Gear drive optimised for torque capacity
  3. Mounting fitted according to your tank needs
  4. Impeller sized to maximize efficiency


The fluid mixer you need depends on your process and the chemicals you use in that process. If you’re interested in learning more about mixing solutions and the 4 Factors for Configuring Your Fluid Mixer for your process, please contact on 01778 302873 or email us at sales@enduramaxx.co.uk

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