How Often Should Water Tanks Be Cleaned?

Cleaning your water tanks is important for a number of reasons. A neglected water tank can put your health at risk by becoming a breeding ground for algae and bacteria. Leaving your tank for too long can also cause damage to pumps and filters which will be extremely costly in the long run. Regular cleaning is essential, but just how often should water tanks be cleaned? This will depend on the type of water tank and its intended use. Let’s take a closer look.

View Our Water TanksDrinking Water Tanks

If you are storing water for drinking, you need to take extra care when it comes to hygiene. Drinking water tanks should be drained and cleaned at least once a year, as recommended by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (an independent regulator of UK water supplies). During the cleaning process, drinking water tanks should also be chlorinated to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases. As well as an annual cleaning, drinking water tanks should be inspected for bacteria every six months.

Rainwater Tanks

The guidelines for rainwater storage tanks are less strict since the water is not intended for human consumption. However, they should still be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected every 1-2 years. As with drinking water tanks, bacteriological sampling should also take place every six months to prevent the growth of bacteria such as E-coli which are commonly found in rainwater tanks.

Water For Other Uses

It is common for additional water to be stored on-site for uses such as hand washing and toilet flushing. While regular cleaning is not required for these tanks, they should be cleaned and disinfected if a routine inspection deems it necessary. How often you need to clean these tanks will depend on the regularity of their use as well as the hardness and chemical composition of the local water.

How Do I Know When An Inspection Is Needed?

As well as regularly scheduled inspections, an additional inspection may be needed if you notice any of the following problems with your water tanks:

• If you have had any recent building or maintenance work that may have damaged the tank
• If there has been a local outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease or any other serious waterborne infection
• If you notice any signs of silt build-up, animal faeces, or plant growth in your tank

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