Water Bowsers For Livestock Farming: What Are The Benefits?


Providing adequate water supplies for livestock outside of the mains water network can be problematic for farmers. Water bowsers are a simple, cost-effective, smart solution to keeping animals hydrated whatever the weather, and whatever the location of your file. Here’s a quick guide to agricultural livestock water bowsers, and why we recommend them to our farming customers.

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What Is A Water Bowser?

Water bowsers are a way of getting water from A to B safely and conveniently. Usually, they are fitted to a trailer, so that farmers can deliver water to wherever it is needed. Transporting liquids is potentially hazardous, as the wave motion can unsettle the point of gravity and unbalance the vehicle. However, water bowsers are specially designed to stop the water from sloshing around, even on uneven tracks and in tough terrains.

Who Uses Water Bowsers?

Any farmer with remote land and animals that depend upon it benefits from a water bowser. As they are very easy and safe to transport, they can extend your grazing areas without having to install expensive mains water pipes. Locations with no mains connection can make use of big 3000 litre tanks that can provide hydration for several days. Smaller agricultural sites often choose water bowsers simply for their convenience, as they are a smart and simple solution to ensuring a constant water supply, and for capitalising on periods of intensive rainfall.

Are Water Bowsers Safe For Animals?

Water bowsers that are purpose-designed for agriculture have practicality, safety, and hygiene at their core. One of the primary features is a rear stabilising drop stand, which prevents the tank from tipping when the animals drink. Water bowsers are also available with a self-fill function, continually refilling the trough. Self-fill water bowsers prevent water from becoming stagnant in the heat, keeping animals cool and healthy.

Can Water Bowsers Save Money?

Yes, there are several economic benefits of using water bowsers. Firstly, they are a safe way of transporting and storing water around your farm, reducing the risk of water-borne diseases. Secondly, water bowsers can hold up to 3000 litres, reducing the amount of time that farmers need to spend ferrying water around. Smaller bowsers can be towed around quickly and efficiently so that troughs can be topped up promptly. To get the most financial benefit, opt for a ‘year-round’ tank made from high quality materials that will not leak or degrade in the sunlight.

Is The Water In A Water Bowser Safe?

Quality is everything when it comes to water bowsers. Agricultural water is vulnerable to outside pollutants such as pesticides and faecal matter, and this can have a devastating impact on animals that drink it. Safe water bowsers are made from chemical-resistant and UV-resistant plastic that keep the tank air-tight and water-tight, and the nozzles and pump need to be secure and easy to clean. Ideally, opt for a dark coloured tank so that the risk of algal growth is reduced.

Are Water Bowsers Only For Livestock Management?

Bowsers can be used for any outdoor agricultural purpose that requires liquid. Farmers often use them for field irrigation, large gardens, orchards, vegetable patches, and tree nurseries – as well as livestock management. Additionally, bowsers can be used for many types of liquid, including petrol and kerosene, so they have a wide range of applications beyond water storage. Bowsers come in many shapes and forms, including single axle dust suppression with galvanised frames for long-term off-road use.

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At Enduramaxx, we work hard to support Britain’s agricultural sector. Water bowsers are one of the safest and most cost-effective ways of keeping animals hydrated, so for more information, please get in touch with our knowledgeable sales team today by calling 01778 562810.

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