Do You Need To Store Your Borehole Water?

On remote sites that don’t have access to mains water, water can be extracted from underground water sources through a borehole, similar in principle to an old fashioned well. In this context, boreholes are narrow shafts drilled into an underground aquifer – natural stores of water found underneath the earth’s surface.

Bore hole water


Borehole water is 100% natural and is usually ‘semi-potable’ and clean and safe enough for use after the appropriate treatment processes, as it has already been naturally filtered through layers of rock. However, the quality of borehole water can vary widely depending on the local geology and potential contamination sources, and so it’s important to establish an appropriate extraction, storage, and treatment system before using borehole water.

Please Note: In England And Wales, You Will Need To Get Formal Consent From The Environment Agency To Drill A Borehole And Extract Borehole Water.

All Enduramaxx water tanks are suitable for storing borehole water, and are widely used by customers in the agricultural, construction, and industrial sectors. Our potable water tanks are frequently used wherever a temporary drinking water supply is required – from festival to construction sites.


Why Use Borehole Water?

In many rural and remote areas, access to mains water can be challenging, which means that the only alternative to physically bringing tanks of water in from outside is to harvest rainwater or tap into an underground aquifer. Borehole water extraction reduces the expense of processing and transporting water to remote sites, while respecting the natural environment – as long as the borehole itself is managed sustainably to prevent depletion of the aquifer and avoid negative environmental impact.

The Role Of Storage Tanks In Borehole Water Extraction

Storage tanks are often used if the borehole supply doesn’t yield enough water on demand, or the borehole needs a chance to catch up after a period of heavy use. Once the water is extracted from the borehole, it can be stored safely until it is ready to use, safeguarded from airborne contaminants, UV radiation, and the buildup of algae.

Enduramaxx water tanks are designed to store water in both indoor and outdoor locations, making them ideal for borehole water storage. Our tanks are available in over 40 sizes, from 150L to 30,000L in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any location. They are constructed from sustainable MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) using a rotational moulding method for maximum strength and longevity, and can be customised with the appropriate fittings and flanges as required.

Water Treatment Elements

Although borehole water is generally cleaner than untreated surface water, it can still contain impurities, metals, and minerals leached from the ground that should be removed before the water is safe for drinking. Water tanks can be fitted with a variety of filtration systems and accessories to facilitate water treatment on site.

Making Your Life Easier

Enduramaxx water tanks not only facilitate the safety and quality of stored borehole water, but they also make your life easier by providing a ready-made all-in-one storage solution for all your abstracted, non-mains water.  

Think Before You Drill! 

Before you contemplate drilling a bore hole you must contact the environment agency for permission

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